The programme has a part called "core subjects" which is focussed on certain subjects made compulsory for all students: Language science subjects, English language, literature and linguistics.

To complete their programme, students must choose between the "Second language curriculum" and the "Italian L2 curriculum".

Subjects taught in the first curriculum can be in French, German, Russian or Spanish, and in Italian those belonging to the second curriculum.

Not all subects are compulsory; sometime students have two or more options. Moreover, all students have the possibility to choose 12 credits to study the subjects they prefer.


Download the study plan of the programme for the academic year 2021-22.

It shows both the programme for full-time students and for part-time students, which is an opportunity for people, mainly workers, who cannot dedicate all the time to studying.

Degree courses activated in A.Y.

A.Y. of enrollment: 2021/2022