Programme structure

Programme description

The programme has a duration of two years subdivided into four semesters, each composed of a first and a second module (semester partition).

Approximately, students have to take 30 credits per semester, although some changes can be made possible in response to the needs of the programme or of single students.


Units can be spread on a whole semester to obtain twelve credits or on one module for six credits.


Students can enroll on the course both as full-time or part-time students.

Instead of lasting two years before graduation, the duration of the part-time programme is up to fours years. The study plan changes accordingly, but not the subjects and learning activites to take.

More information on who is eligible for the part-time programme, please visit this webpage (in Italian).


On this page you can see more detailed information on the standard full-time programme. At the bottom of the page, the study plan for both programmes is available for download.


In case of double degree programmes or other international programmes such as Erasmus+ or Overworld, a part of the units can be subtistuted with others at a partner university aborad or they can be added.

For useful information, please visit this page: