Final exam and dissertation

The final exam consists in the presentation and discussion of an original thesis under the supervision of one or more lecturers, which demonstrates the student's acquisition of a solid background of knowledge and skills in at least one of the subject areas studied during the course, as well as solid skills of independent analysis and critical reworking of data and texts.
If part of the final exam is carried out as part of an internship, it is possible for the Commission to assign part of the credits normally assigned to the final exam.

Students have to write a dissertation to graduate from the programme. Although the process can be started in the first year of the programme, it is during the second one that students are called upon to work on a research project which leading to a dissertation which has to be discussed during the final exam.

The programme allows students to gradually approach this final task by offering a unit on Academic writing in the first year and one on Research methodology in the second year, together with different opportunities to work on a research project, e.g. in relation to the internship programme, studying and training mobility, etc.