Entrance requirements

Entrance requirements

In this section, you will find all the information needed to predetermine if you are eligible for this programme.


To make sure you possess all necessary requirements, we reccommend you request an informal pre-assessment by filling in this form.


Italian or international students holding a first-level Italian degree certificate in Class L-11 (Lingue e Culture Moderne) e L-12 (Mediazione linguistica) or equivalent titles are admitted to the course with no further requirements, provided they possess a language competence in English at a B2+/C1 level at least, attested to through an adequate number of credits acquired during the BA course or an international certificate, i.e. ELTS (minimum score: 6.5) or TOEFL (minimum score: 79).


Holders of degree titles other than the two previously mentioned can be admitted, provided they hold at least 6 credits (CFU) in L-LIN/01 or L-LIN/02; at least 6 CFU in L-FIL-LET/10 or L-FIL-LET/11, at least 12 CFU from L-ANT/02, L-ANT/03, M-STO/01, M-STO/02, M-STO/04, at least 6 CFU in L-FIL-LET/12, at least 6 CFU in M-GGR/01, at least 6 CFU in L-LIN/10 o L-LIN/11, and at least 18 CFU in L-LIN/12. Finally, for applicants wishing to enrol on the “Second Language” Programme 18 CFU in the second language (L-LIN/04, L-LIN/07, L-LIN/14, L-LIN/21) are required.


Applicants holding an Italian or foreign degree certificate from classes other than L-11 or L-12 are admitted if they have the minimum number of credits in all the subjects described above. Alternatively, the credits in L-LIN/12 (English Language and Translation) can be replaced by an international language certificate, to be chosen between IELTS (minimum score: 6.5) or TOEFL (minimum score: 79).


As regards the second foreign language, applicants are requested to prove they possess a B2+/C1 CEFR level in the second language they intend to study (French, German, Spanish) and Italian (only for international students with Italian as a foreign language) or B1+/B2 in Russian. The evidence has to be provided through an international language certificate of the competence level indicated. Holders of an L-11 or L-12 degree title or equivalent foreign title can give evidence of their competence in the second language through an adequate number of credits acquired.


The admission board can ask candidates to perform an interview in order to prove language and cultural/disciplinary competences.


Non-Italian candidates are strongly recommended to request an informal pre-assessment in order to check if they meet all requirements necessary for enrolment. Informal pre-assessments can be requested until 15th July 2021 by by filling in this form.

For any other enquiry, please, do not hesitate to write to linguistics@unipr.it.


Italian candidates who have not yet completed their first-level degree should follow the pre-registration procedure (pre-enrolment) and complete the full registration after graduating. For pre-registration and registration deadlines, see the university website www.unipr.it .